Where am I heading..!

Lately( 2 months approximately) i've experienced a period of confusion. I hated myself, everything was strange for me and I began doubting every single thing in my life. Does my life worth a living? That the question that was running on my head the whole time.To my mind, the way out was by erasing and... Continue Reading →


Who am I?

Who am I? A question that I ask to myself nearly every day; but still didn't find an admirable answer, an answer that satisfies me. Who makes me who I am really? Is it my name? My race? My blood? My flesh? My religion? My background? All those are things that many other people have... Continue Reading →

Humans are the real monsters..

When I was a kid, I could never walk in darkness; thinking that someone will appear of nowhere and hurt me. Everyone had such fears; whether of darkness,ghosts, animals, monsters, or any danger according to our perspective..But here we grew up and realised that it all didn't exist! There's no monsters, no ghosts under our... Continue Reading →

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